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Welcome to the Richard Summerlin Magazine Hub. We have made it more convenient than ever for you to access our bi-monthly magazine.

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January - February

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November - December

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May - June

July - August

March - April

January - February

September - October


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Humanity is counting on us! Satan and his demons are real and need to be recognized. They are spiritual, intelligent beings that are on assignment to destroy humanity. In Jesus name we possess all power and authority over them.


A body must know first who they are, before they can know what they are doing. Remember the vision is God’s, we must submit to it and respond.


Unveiling the “ministry” of the Wolf is a subject that not everyone wants to tackle, however, a subject that must be tackled. This book will help you understand why and how the devil attacks the body of Christ, individually and corporately. This book was written to prepare the body for those attacks and help bring healing and deliverance to those who have been a part of one of these attacks. God is faithful and restoration is coming.





We are living in the last days, and they are the greatest days the believer and the church will experience before Jesus Christ returns.  In this series Pastor Richard Summerlin will instruct you on the anointing of becoming a new man, special anointing and the end-time anointing. We need the anointing to fulfill the assignment He has given us.



God is contending for your soul  - and so is the devil!  Satan wants to seduce you away from God and tie you to false doctrine, keeping you away from the truth. In this 9 part series Pastor Richard Summerlin reveals how to recognize Seducing Spirits & Doctrines of Devils, how to break free, stay free and live in total victory!



These teachings will give you hope and you will see the fullness of all god is and all had has made available to you. Apply these biblical principles to your life and get heaven’s system operating in your life today!

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