REFERENCE: Pastor Richard Summerlin

Pastors and Church Leaders,

I'd like to recommend Richard Summerlin to you. He's a very energetic and zealous young man who has been raised and influenced to totally live by the Word of God. He and his wife Kim pastor a tremendous church, New Way Church in Palm Coast, FL, where I have preached from his pulpit and witnessed firsthand the presence of the Lord in the sanctuary.

Recently the Lord has spoke to Pastor Richard to help other pastors fill their pulpit and build their team. Pastor Summerlin is a great team builder. He has pastored for several years and understands pastoring and what pastors go through on a daily basis, including the search for a proper guest speaker. It's not always easy to fill your pulpit during those times when you know its important to step away for another event or even schedule a vacation with your family.

You can trust your church family and your pulpit to Brother Richard. I am a witness to that. He has no ulterior motives. He is a Holy Ghost man, and he lives sin free. I have no reservations whatsoever recommending him to cover for you or for you to invite him as a conference or guest speaker.

I call you blessed today. May the Lord continue to supply for you so you can accomplish everything He has assigned you to do.

Never quit!